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February 28, 2019

Podcast interview with Tina Inkrote and Dawn Varga

by Greg Gerber, RVDailyReport - 02/28/2019

Transcript below (podcast link no longer available):

What is OnTarget and how did the company get started?

OnTarget is a digital marketing company that helps businesses of all sizes generate online sales and referrals by helping them build a positive brand identity to consumers with relevant ads, engaging content, and a stellar reputation.

We started the company because we both have extensive experience working in the reputation management and online search field. We have helped automotive dealers grow their businesses in these areas for the past 9 years and felt we could provide the same services in other industries as well.  Both of us worked in the RV industry for over 20 years each and knew that with our experience and relationships we could bring our services to the RV industry with great success.

How long has the firm been in business?

We formed the company back in 2016.  The past couple years have been spent developing and perfecting our products and services and building our mobile app. We started promoting and selling our products and services in 2018.

What can OnTarget do for the RV industry?

We believe we can help the RV industry by getting them to pay attention to the ever-growing online retail space. By becoming aware of what is being said about their businesses online and looking to improve their reputation, we can help them achieve online success by improving their brand identity and generating valuable leads and referrals from their own customers.

Our philosophy is to become an extension of our client’s business; become part of their team. We choose to partner with the company and are dedicated to helping their business grow by reaching as many consumers as we can with their positive online presence.

What type of businesses are you looking to help -- RV dealers or campgrounds?

Both RV dealers and campgrounds, as well as RV supply retail outlets, service centers or parts stores. We can help any company that provides a product or service to consumers.

What type of services can it provide?

OnTarget offers several digital marketing services. First and foremost is our Reputation Management. Our Reputation Management services are three-fold:  monitoring what is being said online, gathering feedback from consumers via our Send A Survey mobile app, and engaging with customers by responding to their online feedback.

In addition to Reputation Management, OnTarget provides Search Marketing services, which is creating and managing online advertising on Google and Facebook. And we also manage Social Media for companies by professionally engaging with consumers to promote the business and monitoring what is being said on sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Why do businesses need reputation management services?

If businesses are not monitoring what is being said about them online, it could be devastating to their bottom line.  92% of consumers read online reviews before making a purchase decision, and 8 out of 10 internet users say that negative information found online made them change their mind about a purchasing decision. So, it is not only important for the business to be found online, they must also appear to be the best choice for the consumer. Having positive star ratings on the major sites such as Google, Yelp and Facebook will help with that, especially if their competition has lower ratings.

With so much emphasis on social media, what can business owners do to ensure they are utilizing those platforms effectively?

It’s difficult for businesses to keep up with the multitude of online social media platforms available today. That’s what companies like OnTarget are here to assist with.  We will monitor what is being posted on these sites and will create engaging content to gain the interest of consumers. And we can do it for much less than it would cost to hire a dedicated employee.

Reviews play an important role in driving business, but it only seems that people seek out the opportunity to leave a review when they are upset. What can companies do to ensure that positive voices are heard, too?

This is very true…. most consumers will only leave negative feedback online UNLESS they are asked; but most businesses don’t ask.  Our Send a Survey app allows the business to easily ask their customers for their feedback and reviews.

And not all reviews will be positive in nature.  When a negative review is posted online, companies need to be aware. Again, that where OnTarget comes in.  We monitor the review sites, and if a negative review is posted we bring it to the attention of the business and can engage with the customer on behalf of the business. Of course, the first step to getting positive reviews is to provide great customer service. The feedback provided by customers can also help the business improve their products and services.  And 70% of complaining customers will do business with you again if you resolve the issue in their favor.


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